LKFF/ NABBA Award 2023

It’s fine to seek professional help, but I urge everyone – no matter how big their portfolio – to truly understand every suggestion they’re given before acting.

project details

Technology: Industrial SLA/ Molding
Resolution: 100 μm (0.1 mm)
Material: EC-ABS-S1/ PU resin
Post-Production: Metalic paint
Quantity: 33 pcs
Size: 210 x 135 x 400 mm

This past weekend, the prestigious event, the LKFF/NABBA Open Lithuanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup 2023, unfolded within the walls of the Kupiškis Cultural Center. It was a showcase of dedication, discipline, and sheer athleticism.

We, at WRYEDGE, took immense pride in being a part of this event by crafting the awards. In total, we meticulously fashioned 33 shining statues, with 18 dedicated to the exceptional men and 15 to the incredible women who displayed unparalleled prowess on stage.

These awards stand as a testament to the hard work and determination exhibited by the competitors. We congratulate each participant for their extraordinary achievements and commend the LKFF/NABBA for organizing an event that celebrates the pinnacle of physical fitness.

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