Two Parts Holders

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Project details

Creation: 3D modeling
Technology: Industrial MSLA
Resolution: 100 μm (0.1 mm)
Material: EC-ABS-1
Post-Production: Hardening
Size: 38 x 31 x 13 mm

Jigs are made from EC-ABS-1 black color resin which is the ideal choice for printing small, precision-engineered parts. Jigs consist of two parts – an upper and a lower section – connected by a specialized bolt mechanism. This design enables easy opening and closing of the upper part, facilitating swift and efficient operations. These jigs find utility across a spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and prototyping, where precision and reliability are imperative.

These meticulously designed jigs serve a pivotal role in assembly process, enabling precise and efficient operations. Printed from EC-ABS-1 resin, these jigs exhibit a myriad of exceptional attributes that elevate their functionality and durability.

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