LKFF/ NABBA Award 2022

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project details

Creation: 3D modeling
Technology: CNC/ Molding
Material: Zinc alloy
Post-Production: Plating
Quantity: 48 pcs
Size: ⌀ 150 x 5 mm

Spring of 2022 witnessed the grand spectacle of the LKFF/NABBA Open Lithuanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup at the esteemed Kupiškis Cultural Center. It was a celebration of strength, discipline, and sheer determination.

We, at WRYEDGE, took immense pride in being the artisans behind the awards for this illustrious bodybuilding competition. In total, we meticulously crafted 48 metal medals, including 16 resplendent gold, 16 dignified antique silver, and 16 distinguished bronze. Each of these medals underwent a meticulous process of molding and electroplating to ensure they reflect the excellence they represent.

These medals stand as tangible tokens of the immense dedication and effort exhibited by the competitors. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to every participant for their remarkable achievements, and we are honored to have played a part in recognizing their accomplishments.