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We provide a wide range of 3D services to various industries and individual orders. We guarantee great services value, professional approach and affordable price. We work with you to support your ideas from concept to final stage and we will guide you throughout designing process.


Before the creation of any object, it must first be imagined or have access to its structure. Usually, 3D modeling is the first stage of the creation process.  We can create a high quality 3D model from:

• sketches,
• drawings,
• photographs,
• or even improvise.

Today, 3D models are used in a wide variety of fields such as films, animation and gaming, interior designing and architecture. We work with all 3D models categories which can be used for the:

• further improvement of FEA,
• 3D markets,
• 3D printing,
• creating commercial presentations and advertisements.

This is the last phase in computer graphics generation, in which all the scenes are realistically displayed as graphics or as a video and audio file. Light and shadow, patterns of surface properties, color selection, animated objects within the calculation process are calculated by the software as to how the scene should look. The realistic rendering process takes a long enough. We provide high end 3D rendering services for:

• concept development,
• new and existing products,
• architectural,
• automotive,
• aviation,
• science,
• art,
• presentations,
• websites,
• other industrial sectors.

A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. We can quickly capture accurate data of your parts for use in any manufacturing process. Our 3D scanning services will digitize physical object such as:

• full body,
• separate parts,
• other, up to 3 m objects,

Collected 3D data is useful for a wide variety of applications like manufacturing and entertainment industry. Other common applications of this technology include industrial design, orthotics and prosthetics, reverse engineering and prototyping, quality control/inspection.

3D printing is one of many processes of making 3D objects from digital data source. Today, we use one of the most popular rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies – the fused deposition modeling (FDM) method, where layer after layer of molten polymer is placed, so that they form a 3D object. This method can be used for:

• product concept development,
• product samples of the production,
• final equipment production,
• tool production,
• foundry production,
• construction analysis,
• the most other areas.

We can produce up to 30 cm sized objects, while maintaining 250 DPI resolution.