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Our materials

here's what we use

Currently, we have and use a variety types and colors of high quality thermoplastics such as PLA, ABS, PVA, NYLON, HIPS, PETG and PC. We are currently experimenting with a variety of synthetic fibers. Respectively, the materials are sufficiently strong, flexible, lightweight, electroconductive, glowing in the dark, reacting to UV or temperature, resistant to abrasion and environmentally friendly. All filaments are 1.75 mm diameter in 1 kg (2.2 lbs) spool.



This material is a biodegradable thermoplastic that has been derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar canes. This makes PLA environmentally friendly and very safe to work with.


This plastic is made out of oil-based resources. As a polymer can take many forms and can be engineered to have many properties. ABS is an ideal material for conceptual prototyping through design verification through direct digital manufacturing. Its strength, flexibility, machinability and higher temperature resistance make it often a preferred plastic for engineers and professional applications.


This ABS filament is temperature sensitive and changes from Dark Blue to Yellow, Purple to Pink and Dark Grey to White.


This ABS filament is UV/sunlight sensitive and changes from Creamy White to Pink and Creamy White to Blue.


High quality ABS 1.75 mm diameter filament is glowing in the dark.


This filament is a flexible 3D printing material that feels and acts much like flexible rubber. It can be used to make parts that can bend or must flex to fit their environment – stoppers, belts, springs, phone cases and more.


High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is very similar to ABS. The main difference is that HIPS uses Limonene as a solvent. HIPS is as easy to print with as ABS but is much less likely to warp.


Nylon is a very versatile 3D printing material which prints as a bright natural to white with a translucent surface, and can absorb color added post process with most common, acid-based clothing dyes. Nylon does not require a heated bed, has low warp, and cooling fans are not required for both big or tiny printing.


Polycarbonate is strong and very resistant to impact – this material is used when making bullet proof glass. Polycarbonate is an extremely tough and durable thermoplastic material that is temperature resistant. This material is malleable while cold and can be bent without cracking.


T-glass, short for Tough Glass, this new and unique filament has some very interesting characteristics with regards to clearness and strength. It is made from the highest optical quality PETG material.


Conductive ABS Filament is a modified version of our standard ABS filament which has a resistance of 1200 ohm/cm. This filament works with all ABS compatible 3D printers. 


Wood filament is a wood-like 3D printing material that gives 3D printed objects the look and feel of fiberboard. It also imbues parts with other wood-like attributes, such as the ability be cut, painted, and sanded.

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